One of the truest virtues in life is to give--to be charitable.

We’re all familiar with what it’s like to make someone happy--the feeling you get when you light someones face with a smile, if only for a moment! You'd smile and laugh with them, right? 

Well why not always try to make those around you happy? Giving shows love, it shows empathy, it shows that you genuinely care. If showing our love allows for the receiver to feel love, then why not always do so? 

“The secret to living…is giving.” - Tony Robbins.

Giving is an act of kindness that fulfills us, makes us happy, and gives us a sense of purpose. It genuinely makes you feel like a better person. It's written into most belief systems, ideologies, and religions in some sort of way. Being charitable is necessary. We are all one after all. Doesn't it make sense that when you do something kind for someone, you gain a sense of immeasurable spiritual reward: your mood lightens, you're revitalized, you gain a boost in morale, or perhaps at times, alternate perspectives on life. When you give out of the kindness of the heart without expecting so much as a "Thank you" from anyone, it shows that you are true to yourself and are acting from the heart, a place of love. For it to be truly fulfilling, it must be completely unconditional. 

Some of us may not be aware of when we're expecting something in return. That's because our focus on charity may not even be a conscious one, as some of us are more likely to take than to give. That's OK. If you recognize that within you, I feel that it's important to come to terms with it and turn that approach around. Be true to giving--be true to yourself. We have to be willing to give without receiving. Only then, will we be most fulfilled. 

Start to consciously think about giving. Focus on it, and ACT. 

“Through love, serve one another” - Galatians 5:13

The best part about it, perhaps one that will help you stay conscious of it, is that you only GAIN from it. We do not lose anything by giving.
The analogy I like to use is this: 
Imagine a candle lighting another candle. The flame spreads from one candle to another, then to another, and so forth. But the initial candle does not lose its flame—it remains lit.
This analogy is a beautiful way to approach giving.
We don’t lose anything by lending ourselves to another, but what we gain is immeasurable. Although it’s safe to say that you’ll always ‘win’ when giving, it isn’t about winning and it never should it be.

I've always said that 'fulfillment is the subsequent virtue of benevolence.' 
The reward for being generous and open-hearted.  For being a GOOD HUMAN. 

On a biological standpoint, your brain produces more dopamine when you feel good. So where's the method to this madness? Well, when you produce dopamine, you're more motivated, rejuvenated, and more determined. You may not have noticed it before, but notice it now. Try to remember the last time you did someone a favor who was overly grateful. It's a great feeling to receive right? Well if we're more conscious of it and keep that in our forethought, we can more easily spread this awareness and make life more fun for everyone. 

How cool is that? You literally FEEL better for being a better person. It's like being rewarded with a six-pack for eating chocolate cake and cheeseburgers all day. It's a win/win! 

So I propose this: 

Why don’t we take a few moments out of our day and spread love to those around us. Lend a helping hand, a car ride, a meal, or even a bit of advice. Don’t expect anything in return, instead know that the impact you’re going to have on that particular person is going to make them FEEL good. 

Remember:  You’ll be better remembered and better loved by how you make a person feel. So go out there and spread the love. Give. Add some value to someone’s life. Be charitable, but expect nothing in return. 

In that, you’ll achieve true fulfillment.