Where the head goes, the body follows.



Playing guitar
Muay Thai
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Hiking, surfing, cycling
Wood working

Anything that requires use of the mind and body.

International Fashion Film Award for
Best Picture, "Kiss Of A Siren"

Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Gracie US National Heavyweight Gold Medalist
North American Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Heavyweight Gold Medalist
North American Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Openweight Gold Medalist
North American Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Heavyweight Silver Medalist
International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Pan American Bronze Medalist
Jiu Jitsu World League Bronze Medalist

Favorite destinations:

| Bali |    Maui    |    Costa Rica    |   Thailand   |   Australia   |   Cayman Islands   |   Cuba   |

Things I've done & other things I enjoy doing:



Cobra Kiss - Thailand-2.jpg


  • Trained, fed, cleaned, played with elephants at a sanctuary

  • Played with tigers

  • Hung out with wild monkeys

  • Got lost in the jungles of Chiang Mai for a couple days

  • Searched for and spent a day with the Longneck tribe

  • Kissed a cobra

  • Wrangled various venomous snakes

  • Kick-boxed at various traditional Thai academies

  • Visited Big Buddha & various other temples

  • Snorkeled with tropical fish

Costa Rica Waterfall.JPG

Costa Rica

  • Zip lined the tallest and longest zip lines on this continent

  • Surfed the beaches of Jaco and Playa Hermosa

  • Got lost and stranded in two rainforests in one day

  • Backflipped off 20' waterfalls

  • Lived in an open house among native animals in the jungle

  • Drove along the western coast

  • Visited the Cloud Rainforest

Cayman beach.JPG

Cayman Islands

  • Swam with, fed, played with giant stingrays

  • Snorkeled in open waters, atop a dormant volcano

  • Accidentally swam with jellyfish

  • Back-flipped off the top of a 25' yacht

  • Paddle-boarded, sailed, kayaked, jet skied in one day

  • Glided underwater on a sub-wing, towed behind a yacht

  • Swam with, fed, and played with dolphins



Maui Cliff.JPG


  • Deep sea fishing

  • Skydiving

  • Sailing in open waters

  • Snorkeling with sea turtles

  • Mountain biked down Haleakala Volcano

Salt Flats Selfie.JPG


  • Drifted on the edges of the Moab cliffs on a side by side

  • Raced ATVs and dirt bikes through the canyons

  • Jumped off 25' waterfalls

  • Hiked to beautiful cliffs and waterfalls

  • Raced around the Salt Flats

Visited Countries.jpg


  • Skilled mountain biker

  • Fluent in 2 languages

  • Excellent cook (when I want to be)

  • Father to a French Bulldog, Winston

  • Into motivational works, self-help, self-discovery

  • Meditator

  • LOVE water and water sports!

  • I try my best to live a year-round summer, traveling to wherever the sun may shine.

  • Hooked on traveling

  • Lived in Thailand, Bali, Australia

  • Not afraid of heights

  • NOT squeamish

  • I love doing adventurous things

  • Love a good challenge

  • Obsessed with martial arts (MMA)

  • Very good balance